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All prices displayed are MSRP. Login to view your special pricing. All airsoft guns ship with orange tips. We do not sell or market any airsoft products to minors.
All prices displayed are MSRP. Login to view your special pricing. All airsoft guns ship with orange tips. We do not sell or market any airsoft products to minors.

Dealer RMA Requests

Step 1:
Click photo to download
  • Fill out RMA form and submit the form via email (
  • Once received, you will then get an RMA number from a JAG representative.
  • Make sure to write the RMA number on the form and include a copy on the packages you are sending back.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service if the product condition is not as originally described upon arrival.
Step 2:

Package all items (include a copy of the RMA form with your RMA # and leave inside the box)

  • Make sure that all items are packaged properly.
  • Do not ship guns loose.
  • All guns must have an orange tip.
  • Use the original box and then re-packaged it using another type of box. 
  • If any of the items are for exchange/restock, All retail stickers MUST be removed and all original product manuals and accessories must be present. If retail stickers are still present upon receipt, the dealer may incur an additional charge for us to remove it prior to accepting into our inventory.
Step 3:

Ship your RMA to address below:

JAG Precision
2223 Troy Ave 

South El Monte, CA

    • The package needs to be adequately insured. We are not responsible for packages lost in transit.
    • Email a copy of your tracking number to and keep a copy for your records
    • RMA can take up to 14 days to be processed (not including any work needed)
    The Warranty Covers the following Brands:
    • JAG Arms
    • Echo1 USA
    • Arcturus
    • Socom Gear
    • Speed Airsoft
    • Bravo Airsoft
    • Defcon Gear
    • Knights Armament Airsoft (by Echo1)
    • Advanced Dynamic Systems

    ** We do not warranty any upgrade parts like piston, gears, barrels etc after it has been installed. Damaged goods must be reported within 72hours upon receiving shipment.

    JAG Precision offers a limited warranty on other brands distributed by JAG Precision in the USA. We would appreciate it if the dealer inspects the order as soon as it arrives at the destination. You have 72 hours to report any issues with your order or defective/damaged products received from JAG Precision. Failure to do so may cause you to be denied warranty on products.

    What voids a warranty?

    • Removal of orange tip
    • Opening or Product repair by anyone unauthorized from JAG Precision (competent dealers are authorized for on the spot repairs)
    • Use of improper bb’s, batteries or propellants
    • Misuse, neglect, abuse that may cause product to malfunction
    • Used, boneyard, closeout, discontinued, airsoft guns carry no warranty. Any model no longer featured on our website is considered discontinued.
    • We do not warranty dropped magazines and damage to feed lips caused by improper loading procedure

    What constitutes abused, altered, defaced, or misused?

    • Using the incorrect propellant in a gas powered airsoft gun (such as using CO2 in a green gas powered pistol)
    • Personalized markings, customizations, paint, custom finishes
    • Repairs using non original parts
    • Repairs by unauthorized personnel (persons not representing JAG Precision or in our authorized dealer network)
    • User installed upgrades
    • Dropping or falling on the airsoft gun
    • Using low quality BB’s
    • Altering function or performance outside of original factory specifications

    Turn around time on RMA’s

    14+ days

    In order to save money for all parties and down time of your product, the following is a troubleshoot list of the most common problems. We ask you to please check if your product has any of these characteristics. As a JAG Precision dealer we authorize you to attempt the fix prior to requesting an RMA number. If this fails to get your product to work properly, please proceed to request an RMA number. If you are uncomfortable with troubleshooting or attempting minor fixes, it's okay! We can skip this step.

    Automatic Electric (AEG)

    Fuse (if gun is equipped with a fuse)

    Replace with a new fuse.


    Remove the jammed bb or bb’s. This might be due to dirty or low quality BB or dirt/obstruction in the barrel. Do not try to keep shooting with a jammed BB, you will cause further damage. Make sure hop up is not set to maximum.

    Grinding or High Pitch Sound

    Adjust Motor height via set screw in the motor grip. 

    No Power

    Make sure battery is charged properly

    and/or try a different battery. Make sure there is no damage to the wiring of the battery or gun.


    There is no warranty for cosmetic defects, i.e. scratches, dents or exterior removable parts

    Gas Blowback

    Magazine Leak

    Apply silicone oil into the fill and/or release valve

    Spring Action

    Shooting weak

    Clean barrel, turn down hop up

    Bolt will not lock back

    Check and make sure the rifle is assembled correctly