BOL Matrix Battery Balance Charger with Power Supply for NiMh/NiCd/Lipo/LiIon/PbLead

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Batteries Charger and Balancer for:

Li-Ion / Li-Polymer / LiFe battery packs (1~6 cells)

Battery charger for:

NiMH /NiCD battery packs (1~15 cells)
Pb (lead) battery packs (2~20V)

State-of-the-art technology:

16x2 Dot Matrix Graphic LCD display with gentle white backlight
Invertible LCD screen can be upside down by pressing "reverse display" button, allowing viewing from all angles
Digital dial-knob switch making operation convenient by simply rotating the knob - on need to press different direction buttons
High performance programmable MCU facilitating excellent functional expandability in future
Modern design, prominent style, compact in size enhances portability


An all-in-one device that combines charging, discharging and cell balancing functions for battery packs
Not only a charger and discharger - performing cyclic charge-discharge for battery refreshing and balancing
Capacity of storing 5 different sets of parameters for future operations

Self-protection and Security functions:

Capacity limit protection preventing over-charging of batteries
Battery temperature limit protection preventing over-heating batteries
Reverse polarity indication detecting incorrect polarity of batteries
WATCH DOG protection ensuring the safety of batteries by re-starting CPU and switching off all output in case of main unit malfunction due to internal failure

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