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Dealers: All prices displayed are MSRP. Login to view your special pricing. We do not sell or market any airsoft products to minors.


by E&C
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E&C 854 "STRIKER" AEG. MSRP $310.00   (NO MAP)
Full Metal Body.
Standard V2 Gear Box
300rd Full Metal Hi-Cap Magazine.
Color - Black
Hop-up - Adjustable
Shooting Mode - Semi/Fully Automatic
Muzzle Velocity - 340-350fps

Quick-change spring guide
8mm bearing gearbox
Steel Gearset
Silver corded wire
Functioning bolt catch
Front-wired small tamiya connector

Package Includes - E&C EC-854 Airsoft AEG Rifle, 300 rounds hicap magazine, black metal flash hider.

** NO Battery or Charger.

all airsoft SOLD & SHIP with orange tip

E&C is a new brand to the US market and they aim to offer high quality metal airsoft guns with a ton of potential, for an affordable price compared to other AEGs. When we say affordable, we mean relative to the tiers of guns out there. Most beginner grade guns offer performance not unlike a "high end" airsoft gun but usually offer it in a polymer or nylon body. A premium or high end AEG will offer realistic metal construction and great performance, and sometimes a few extra features you won't find in a more standard gun. So where does E&C sit? In an honest assessment of this brand, we would say E&C sits squarely in the middle. Its feature set is very standard so it would not be comparable to the higher end guns. Yet you do have the high quality metal body and fit and finish you would expect from a higher end gun that you would never get in a beginner grade polymer gun.

All E&C airsoft guns feature a nicely built version 2 gearbox ready for upgrades if you desire. It offers a functional bolt catch system and a quick change spring guide for your quick FPS adjustment needs. Inside is fairly standard fair with a nice steel gearset and a nylon piston. The barrel is a brass standard bore barrel (~6.08mm ID) and shots are delivered through a large dial hop up unit. The spring installed is an M100 type spring and offers about 350fps performance with a .20g BB. The range is 150-170 feet with this FPS and you can expect more should you upgrade it.

This is a great starting gun with a more authentic feel, with unlimited potential for your future upgrades. If you want to put an HPA engine, this is an inexpensive way to get a full metal donor for that kind of project.

E&C is a new brand to the market and JAG Precision is offering factory direct pricing on three introductory models. These guns are solidly built and perform well and we hope to give everyone an opportunity to try them out by offering them at the lowest price possible. With that price we will not be offering a warranty but 100% of the E&Cs sold through JAG are test fired and checked by us to assure quality.