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Madbull Airsoft AGX BB Launcher

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Color: Black
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Name:B.B. Launcher AGX
Part Number: AGX
Description: AGX Launcher Pistol (Also mounted on RIS)
Materials: ABS/ Aluminum
Other Details : Click for more photos and details
AGX is a pistol type of launcher. You can either use it as a pistol or mount it on your RIS.
AGX's design is based on the real AGC launcher but we make it only fire toy B.B. shower.
There is no way to modify AGX to be a real thing.
There will be more optional accessories available:
Upper rail for AGX, Sights for AGX, and Buttstock for AGX.
NOTE: This is a B.B. shower toy. Not the real thing. Please wear goggles while operating any Airsoft products. Please don't aim at people not immediately engaged in the game.