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All prices displayed are MSRP. Login to view your special pricing. All airsoft guns ship with orange tips. We do not sell or market any airsoft products to minors.
All prices displayed are MSRP. Login to view your special pricing. All airsoft guns ship with orange tips. We do not sell or market any airsoft products to minors.

Madbull Airsoft Daniel Defense licensed Aluminum Outer Barrels for M4/M16

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$67.50 - $82.50
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Length: 16" Car Govt
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Madbull fully licensed Daniel Defense airsoft Cold Hammer Forge Barrels are exact replicas which feature authentic engravings stating the make, caliber, and rifling of the barrel.

Madbull Daniel Defense barrels features eight models in carbine length, three models in mid-length, and one model in full or rifle length system.

Daniel Defense, famous for its rail systems and its cold hammer forged barrels, has produced high quality barrels through their refined hammer forging process ensures that the barrels are produced virtually defect free, like Madbull's own fully licensed replicas.

How to choose the right outer barrel for your custom AEG?
MadBull provide the most completed product line of outer barrels for Airsoft industry. Since we have so many different variations, we think its time to provide detail information for Airsoft players. This information is very useful and will help you to find out correct combination!

(1) Gas port location
Just like real gun, our outer barrel has fake gas port. The gas port is highly related to your handguard length. Choose the right gas port barrel and then to choose the right handguard.
The gas port location can be distinguished into 3 major categories:

A. Carbine length gas system - (same length as the US Military issued M4 carbine and M733) and takes a 7.0" rail or handguard.
B. Mid-length gas system - the mid-length gas system is 2" longer than the carbine length gas system (thus the front sight housing and gas hole are 2" forward of where they are on a carbine length gas system). The mid-length takes a 9.0" rail or handguard.

C. Rifle length gas system - (same gas system on the AR15 or M16A2 / M16A4). The rifle length gas system takes a 12.0" rail or handguard.

So, now you can start to choose the right handguard  7" handguard is for carbine length, 9" handguard is for Mid-length, and 12" handguard is for rifle length.

However, there are some special handguard + barrel combination. For example, you can choose a short barrel and hide into your handguard. Add a suppressor or compensator and make it stick out a little bit outside the handguard.

(2) Choose the barrel length
There are way too many lengths. From 7 inches to 20 more inches. Different length of barrel can give your rifle different looks. Its all depend on your personal tastes. For example, you can make your barrel short and hide into your handguard. Add a compensator and make it stick out the handguard a little bit.

(3) Choose the right design of barrel (barrel profiles)
There are way many profiles. Here are some of them.
Government Type Profiles, M4 profile, Feather weight, Lightweight, Special Purpose Rifle (SPR), Heavy, Bull and more On the real gun, different profiles of barrels provide different functions. Light weight provide you mobility, heavy weight provide you accurate shooting
For Airsoft outer barrel, you can choose the right look one because the design wont truly effect on the Airsoft performance.

(4) Choose the right gas block:
You dont need a gas block (dummy decoration) but if you did, it will make your rifle looks more authentic.

(5) Choose the right handguard:
Based on the gas port location to choose the right length of handguard.

Other related length information: