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Madbull Airsoft GEMTECH G5 (CCW) Barrel Extension

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Color: OD
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Details:The real G5 Silencer is produced by Gemtech.It comes with a special flash hider adapter. (Quick Detach)The toy silencer has a 14 CCW flash hider which works with most of M4/ M16/ AUG series and all Airsoft guns with 14mm CCW adapter. We have two versions of the G5 silencer made by MadBull in Taiwan.(1)Non-US Version:Come with foam. Illegal in US. Available in Asia and Europe. (2)USA Version:Gemtech G5 QD barrel extension. Solid Aluminum tube. Legal in the US and is NOT a silencer.NOTE:It is our honor to produce Airsoft products that arefully licensed by Gemtech.Beware of expensive imitations from other companies. Only MadBull is licensed to produce accurate copies of the real Gemtechs. 100% in all details including authentic laser engraving of the full Gemtech license.If it's not Madbull, it's a copy!