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Dealers: All prices displayed are MSRP. Login to view your special pricing. We do not sell or market any airsoft products to minors.
Dealers: All prices displayed are MSRP. Login to view your special pricing. We do not sell or market any airsoft products to minors.

Madbull Airsoft RECHARGABLE Chronograph Version 2

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**BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED** Special Features: Rechargeable (2xAAA rechargeable batteries not included) USB Power adapter (You can charge it by your computer or you can buy regular USB home or car charger.) Extreme power save function

1.Velocity: FPS/ MPS.
2. Fire Rate: Balls per second BPS/BPM
3. Pre-set B.B. weight v.s. energy (Joule) 0.20g .023g 0.25g 0.30g 0.33g 0.43g 0.89g
4. Self-supply internal sensor light source. You can use it indoors or outdoors. Day time or night time.
5.Extra large size diameter, (20mm. You can even measure the velocity of paintballs. 6.External Barrel Adapter for aiming straight.
7.Using 2 AAA rechargable battery Battery.
8.Auto shut down in 120 second to save battery life.
9.Blinking when low battery
10.Handheld small size: 12.5*5.5*5cm
11.Tri-pod adapter on the bottom.
12. 6061T6Aircraft aluminum. Extremely durable.

Important Notice: 1.Please check our website for Global Manufacturer direct warranty. 2.Shoot straight. Don't shoot sensor or you will make the sensor dirty and the chronograph will lose accuracy. 3.If the sensor is dirty, you have to open the box to clean it. Remember to remove the battery before you open the box. Always consult expert if you don't know how to open the box. 4.Open the battery cover by taking off 4 screws and change the battery. 5.Single Shot, you can not get the value of BPS/BPN. Automatic firing, you can only get data of BPS/BPN. 6.Keep away from water and humid environment. Never punch the timer or let the timer fall to the ground. 7.If the display is blinking, Please take off the battery cover and change the 9V battery. 8.Wear goggle at all times. (Everyone is the field should wear goggle.) 9.Beware of the bouncing B.B. from target shooting. (Wear goggle!!) Global Manufacturer Direct 1 Year Warranty: *** Not include physical damage*** *** Not free. You have to pay the actual shipping cost*** Steps: (1) Report you problem to (2) We will try to help you to solve the problem (3) If problem can not be solved and there is no physical damage, we will issue you a RMA number and instruction to ship it back to Taiwan. (4) Shipping is NOT free. You have to pay both ways shipping by yourself. (By instruction) (5) We will change the damaged components for you without any charge. (6) Most of the problems can be solved within 10 mins.