Madbull Airsoft Targets USAPSA Metal Poppers pack of 5

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This is a professional Classic Aluminum Popper designed for the US Practical Shooting Association.
5 pcs in a bag at a very low price.

These popper targets are made from aluminum and emit a very nice sounding pling sound when hit (same kind of sound when a real bullet hits an IPSC target). These are designed for pistol target practice (or can be used for long range sniper practice). Targets fall over when hit. Bendable legs means you can set these up on flat or rugged surfaces. Note that popper targets will dent when hit with a 0.2g BB at over 250fps. This is normal and is intended by Madbull - real IPSC shooting of course dents metal targets as well!
The head of the target is 90 mm / 3.5" in diameter, and the target stands 190 mm / 7.5" tall.

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