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Madbull Airsoft XM204HP Gas BB Shower Shell - 204rnds

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Name:Grenade (B.B. Shower) XM204HP
Part Number: XM204HP
Description: XM204HP 6mm 204rd. KING GRENADE
Materials: Aluminum/ Steel
Cal./ Capacity: 6mm / 204
Weight/ Length: 320g / 13.8cm
Power: Grees Gas/ CO2
Range: 5 / 5.0
Power: 5 / 5.0
Spread: 5 / 5.0
Capacity: 5 / 5.0
Status: Available
Other Details : Click for more photos and details
XM-108HP is the MOST powerful B.B. shower and has the highest capacity in the world.
We also call it "KING GRENADE"
There is no B.B. shower can compete with our king grenade.

Grenade is "light gold" color and comes with "Mad Bull Logo/ King Grenade" engraving.