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Madbull Airsoft Barrett Lic. REC7 Outer Barrel Kit with Piston Gas Block Kit

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Length: 8.7"
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Details: The Barrett REC7 is one of the most reliable piston-driven rifles which is designed for both 6.8 and 5.56mm calibers. The REC7 patented gas block prevents excessive carbon build-up from operation under adverse conditions and make the rifle extremely reliable, clean, and low maintenance. As stated on the Barrett website: "Compact, accurate and completely trustworthy, the REC7 is designed specifically for situations in which there's no room for errors!"

Features: 1. Adjustable / movable gas block switch 2. Movable piston system (spring and transfer rods) included 3. Adjustable Outer barrel included 4. Built of T6-6061 Aluminum