Madbull RESET RIPR - Rifle Integrated Power Rail - AEG Version

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Details: Madbull is proud to announce our latest and one of our most unique Airsoft accessories: the Rifle Integrated Power Rail (RIPR) licensed by RESET. Our Airsoft version of the RIPR is available in two configurations: 1. The POWER version is designed for Airsoft AEG rifles and functions much like the RESET RIPR does on real steel firearms – as a complete power system that allows you to swap batteries in seconds instead of minutes. 2. The GBB READY MAG version is designed for WE/WA GBB Rifles, and functions as a ready-mag system. The two versions are different internally and cannot be interchanged! RIPR-POWER version includes one battery box, and additional battery boxes can be purchased separately. See Individual Battery Box RIPR-READY MAG version does not include magazine, but is compatible with most GBB magazines. NOTE: Do use the RIPR Complete Power system during rainy weather, or expose it to excessive moisture, as water may damage the electrical components. 2012 MAY SALE!

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