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Modify Bushing Key

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This nifty tool is an invaluable asset to all airsoft technicians and is at home on any workbench or toolbox.

The Bushing Key tool is essential when fitting bushings and mandatory when fitting bearings into high quality/new mechbox/gearbox shells. Traditional methods involved squeezing the bushing/bearing in by hand, and on tighter tolerance shells involved a large punch like object and a hammer to gently tap in the bushing or bearing. While both methods are acceptable, the soft material used in gearbox shells can be deformed allowing misalignment of the gear axles and improper gear mesh. With bearings and traditional installation methods, care must be take not to seat the bearing assembly into the shell with axial load placed on the center bearing section as it can cause damage and deformation to the inner race and bearings.

This tool, when installing bearings the load is applied to the outer race protecting the bearings and inner race from damage. When installing bushings will ensure even pressure is used and increase the surface area where the load is being applied. This will seat the bushing squarely into the hole with out deformation.