Modify Sora R-Hop Mound Rubber for VSR-10/ GBB (60 DEG)

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      • For GBB / VSR-10
      • Special Airtight Design
      • No mound
      • High Tensile Strength
      • Excellent Cold-Resistance
      • High Abrasion Resistance

The X‐Range design was inspired by the R‐hop, with the goal of maximizing contact with BBs when the
bucking is depressed. That increases friction to produce top spin as well as air seal inside the barrel to
achieve maximum range.
1. The X‐Range is bell‐ or cup‐shaped with the wider end facing the loading nozzle.
2. With 2‐stage channel, the X‐Range’s bell configuration is shallow to deep. BBs are loaded into the shallow, narrow end to move to the mid‐section where it is deeper and wider. Such channel
configuration assures perfect BB positioning to also produce top spin to result in accurate trajectory.
The shallow channel end of the loading nozzle widens when the bucking is depressed, increasing
contact, friction with BBs. The bell opening has “wings” on either sides to form a bridge to the inner barrel window, being a solid, wide structure at the inner barrel entry to hold BBs that also prevents the
rear section of the depressor from deforming. Friction against BBs drops dramatically when moved by
air from the shallow to the deeper channel section, with BBs pushed straight along the channel by air to the bottom of the bell to enter the inner barrel with continuing top spin.

**Need to be used with the R-HOP patch**
*R Hop ready, mound free and smooth internal bucking surface makes away with the hassle of bucking modification for R Hop patch use.
*Compatible with most of the markets leading R Hop products.
*No R Hop mound or separate patch included with bucking.

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