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Siegetek Concept Piston Spacer for Cyclone and Short-Stroked Systems - 8 pack

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For those who purchased the optional piston spacers, please insert the spacers into the piston. It may take a little effort to push each spacer into the piston base, as the spacers are designed to be friction fit to the piston for better durability. When using the 9-tooth version of the Cyclone Dual-Sector Gear, please insert only 7 spacers into piston instead of the 8 spacers used for the 8-tooth version. The piston spacers may be used in traditional short stroked systems as well. Please install only 1 spacer for each tooth removed from the sector gear. Installing more spacers than the number of teeth short stroked should be avoided to prevent component failures. Please also do not use the piston spacers with the spring guide spacer. Doing so will lead to severe damages to the mechbox components.


Manufacturer Part#: PS-8P Click here for Gear Installation NotesNote: Professional Installation of Siegetek Gears Highly Recommended.