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Speed Airsoft KeyMod Contour Mount Kit (SA3730)

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The SPEED Contour KeyMod Rail Mount and SPEED Contour Picatinny Rail Mount will both direct-mount with no adapters to the popular Contour line of camcorders.

Both SPEED Contour KeyMod and Picatinny Rail Mount kits use uniquely the bottom threaded tripod mount, which makes it more robust over other commonly used side slot mount.  Further, both SPEED Rail Mount Kits also cradle the Contour camcorder for extra security.

Each SPEED Contour KeyMod Rail Mount Kit includes SPEED Dual Spec KeyMod nuts that are fully CNC machined to ensure the highest quality and precision fitting onto any KeyMod handguard.
All SPEED KeyMod based airsoft products come with the Dual Spec KeyMod nuts system, that will support and enable users to fully utilize SPEED KeyMod products on both KeyMod Mil Spec nut specification as well as KeyMod Airsoft nut specification.

  • Part# SA3730  SPEED Contour KeyMod Rail Mount Kit  (with Dual Spec KeyMod nuts)
  • Part# SA3731  SPEED Contour Picatinny Rail Mount Kit