Speed Airsoft Keymod GoPro Rail Mount Kit (SA3738)

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The new SPEED GoPro KeyMod Rail Mount that will direct-mount with no adapters for the popular GoPro line of action camcorders, providing players with greatest flexibility in terms of camera positions, safety and performance.

The new SPEED GoPro KeyMod Rail Mount provides airsoft players with an improved tactical performance, by forward positioning the GoPro action camcorder so it will not impede the player's various handgrips on the rail.  Players can now quickly transition from left to right more fluently while recording, without the camera bracket interfering their hands.

Want to record yourself in action?  The new SPEED GoPro KeyMod Rail Mount has a built-in rotating base allowing the GoPro action camcorder to be rotated 180 degrees on the fly, so it can record the player while in action.  

The new SPEED GoPro KeyMod Rail Mount has further included a safety feature where the camcorder can be rotated to face the side for easy reading and convenient access to the LCD screen, while keeping the muzzle pointing down range for the safety of the player and others nearby.

Each SPEED GoPro KeyMod Rail Mount Kit includes SPEED Dual Spec KeyMod nuts that are fully CNC machined to ensure the highest quality and precision fitting onto any KeyMod handguard. 

All SPEED KeyMod based airsoft products come with the Dual Spec KeyMod nuts system, that will support and enable users to fully utilize SPEED KeyMod products on both KeyMod Mil Spec nut specification as well as KeyMod Airsoft nut specification.  

The following new SPEED GoPro KeyMod Rail Mount Kit is now available.

Part# SA3738  SPEED GoPro KeyMod Rail Mount Kit  

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