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SPEED Airsoft Performance Piston for GBB Pistols - TM 1911, P226, KJW 1911

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The new SPEED Airsoft GBB Pistol Piston replaces the stock plastic piston unit, providing better sealing for FPS boost and consistency.

The SPEED GBB Pistol Piston is machined with its unique triple vented slots on the front piston face, which is equivalent to over 12 traditional drilled holes, giving it an advantage of unrestricted rapid high air flow.

The SPEED GBB Pistol Piston is machined from USA Grade billet aluminum and anodized for durability.

The SPEED GBB Pistol Piston will fit TM/Hi-Capa M1911, P226 and KJW M1911 GBB pistols.

Part #SA1011 SPEED GBB Pistol Piston